I Am YourAnyone

I am Your Anyone. I’ve got a big heart for Music, Music Production and Interactive Sound Design. Have a coffee with me, or drop me an E-Mail.

I Have Skills…

Sound and Music born out of a passion. I help companies and startups from all over the world sound design their ideas into great projects

Sound Design

Interactive Sound Design and sound programming in Max/Msp, Processing, SuperCollider, FMOD. Experienced in sound and haptic design. ++

Sound Engineering & Music Production

There is no shortcut to the best sound. Producer, Recording- and Mastering-engineer for Indie-Label Gramtone. Skills in Logic, Pro Tools, Reason & Cubase

Field Recordings

I do field recordings all the time. I love to listen to our sonic environment and the tuning of the world. The Soundscape.

Photography & Sonic Branding

I’m not a photographer. But I love taking photos. My skills are within the Sonic Branding area, #musictopictures

It’s better to burn out, than fade away

- Neil Young -


Music Production & Sound Design with help of the latest technology.


Here's some of my work.


Sound Design


Field Recording / Photography / Sound Design


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 Tired in Malmö

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    Limhamn, Malmö , Sweden

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    i . am [at] youranyone . se